September 7th, 2008

meeting people

i finally have a japanese girlfriend!

its true. she lives down the street. she makes cakes. shes my same age, but divorced already once. perfect. we pretended to be married last night. ume shu works wonders for gay weddings.

girls are harder to come by than boys. this same new friend announced that I thought Yoichi san was cute (after much prying over several hours and drinks to name SOMEONE at the bar I thought was cute) and thus...i gained his email address and the bartender's too, for some reason. and many confusing text messages from Yokichi san today...something long the gist of:

Y: what are you doing?
L: What are you doing?
Y: i dont understand. are you at home?
L: yes, what are you doing?
Y: this is how you spell Nihon Go in kana.
L: What?
Y: I have an idea.
L: Idea?
Y: Let's take a shower.
L: (silence..shower or...?)
L: It's raining now. Good for your shower.
Y: What are you doing?
L: Nothing.
Y: Im not in asaka.
L: ok
Y: are you at home
L: Yes

this took 8 hours. lol love it.
Yoko (my girlfriend) had a better email: Last night was funny. Let's do it again. Lisa: Yeah, let's do it soon!

Meanwhile today, I met a nice guy in Kobe and another in California. People I can bounce my cultural difficulties off of sometimes I think...and just be friends with. I hope. thats why im meeting people online anyways. I also met one guy who's looking for a caucasian wife...and another who's a richer business man..and VERY interested in my height and weight. Vomit. Then another who wants a quick date today and while I used to be curious and bored, I know where that's gonna awkward - "thanks for feeding me, but love hotel no can do. bye!" so let's just avoid that one up front, shall we?

So score, I need to keep the girlfriend happy and i think the drunken Japlish will lead to a very rewarding relationship!