October 12th, 2008

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I keep seeing/hearing/feeling all this stuff. and I keep telling myself that I need to post it in my journal before I forget. and then i forget.

Im making Thai Sweet Potato Red Curry tonight for me and Yuu. After we hork it down in a fraction of the time it took to prepare, we're going to venture to the local tsutaya where we will:
1. See if Yuu's membership card is still valid.
2. See if I can get a membership there with a NY driver's license and a gaijin card.
3. See if my super awesome external DVD/CD/ reading-writing really plays DVD's as advertised. I did buy it here in Japan with the EEE PC, so I don't see why it wouldn't play Japanese DVD's. But you can never be sure about these things until it's actually doing what's supposed to do, you know? Technology is a bitch every time it can be.

But, back to my point...Im going to make curry and write in here in between, so I hope I can sum up the last 2 weeks in a few lines. Here goes...

(the curry and rice are fully finished...im just waiting for my company)


I celebrated my birthday at Slowlife. I'll get those pictures up on Klatcher ASAP...but for now, they linger on Facebook. My two roommates, one of their friends from Saitama and Yuu--oh and kind of Nori since he's the bartender. Nori gave me bottle of free champagne and some basil. things were good. I heard that the bar was closing up last week. Nori is moving with his girlfriend back to his hometown in Gunma. Sad. I decided to drop by a few more times to say goodbye. Until Thursday night (actually Friday early AM). I'd just gotten to bed at 3am. Around 6 am, I hear footsteps. I imagine that someone is heading to the balcony just beyond my room. I also imagine that someone is a roommate. Somewhere in my dreams, I hear a sliding sound and connect it with the possibility it might be my bedroom door! I look up and there's Nori either taking a picture or shining a bright light at me...i dont know which! He jumps, shuts the door and runs off snickering. Nori and Kudo, another guy from the bar, had come back to the apartment with my roommates to hang out after closing time. One of my roommates assumed that Nori was going to the toilet..but no, he was spying on me sleeping!! How strange! And angering. I went down and had words. But not many, since Nori wouldn't come out of another room. He and Kudo seemed to think it was pretty funny. I was pissed. They left a bit later. WTF. Slowlife is off my list of places to go, even if it is closing in a couple of weeks. People can be so strange and disappointing!!

Meanwhile, Yuu and I (haha- yet confusing in conversation) are planning a trip to Nikko on November 2/3. It's really tough to find a place to stay this late in the game. Nikko is very popular during Koyo season (fall leaf viewing) and it's a National Holiday on the 3rd- Culture Day. I had wanted to stay at a Japanese ryokan...Japanese inn with an onsen. everything is completely booked. even the not so great ones. So..it seems our plan is to go up early on the 2nd, see ancient temples, the famous lake and suicide falls (Kegon falls is famous for sad lovers who go try bungee jumping without the bungee, apparently)..and then try and sneak into a business or love hotel for the night. No onsen, but cheap and gets the sleeping job done. If we cant even find an option at the bottom of the barrel, we'll drive back late and note for next time that nice holiday vacations need to be planned in advance.

which brings me to my next topic---Hanoi. Im going. For sure. Plane ticket: $1,073. Not totally expensive, but unfortunately about 40% more expensive that "normal" due to the holiday travel. Thats the holidays. Suck it up. My hotel of choice, after about 3 hours of research, is 40$ a night for a double. Double because...Yuu wants to come too. He's never traveled abroad. Im not gonna say no. I think a travel buddy in Vietnam might be a good idea. It's not quite as pristine and safe there as Japan. So, tonight, we have to talk. I want to get everything booked in the next week. So, we need to discuss money in Japlish or Enganese...something, but it must be done soon. In the case that he can't go, the hotel price drops to 30$/ night for single..but it is cheaper for two splitting 40. There's another hotel that seems okay too, and it's $25/ night. Vietnam is crazy cheap, so don't get scared about the rents. I think that unless you're a luxury traveler, paying over $70 a night is a rip, especially in the Old Town area.

I had a pretty bad hypoglycemic attack last night after swimming. I kicked my ass around in the pool: 1000m freestyle. 300 kick, 8 x 50's drill swim freestyle. 1000m freestyle build to a sprint at the end. 100 kick. 6 x 25 all out on 1:00 freestyle. (19 seconds--woot!!) Yuu was pretty distressed. He was over for a quick visit that turned into a deep conversation about binding relationships. (if conversations can get deep when people only use 5% of the possible vocab) I knew Id be ok...as soon as i got some simple sugars in the blood. But, yeah, it really pays to be sure to eat ASAP after workout. I'd taken a long bath and iced my shoulder while chatting with a lady from the team. oops. past that 1/2 hour mark and my brain is toast. fainting toast.
speaking of Yuu, I think I hear a car parking outside. It's 10:20. Late dinner, indeed.

I have more on my mind but im out of time for now.