December 24th, 2008

New Years Resolution

I've given it a lot of thought. And the one thing I really really NEED to resolve to do on a regular basis is....well, 2 things.

1. Study Japanese: it's on and off depending on how much I go out or how busy I am updating or working on all these photos ive taken lately. But I NEED to study at least 1 hour every day. That's some easy train time right there instead of ipodding and zoning off. Im always reminded about how much I keep forgetting every time I really get into a situation where i HAVE TO speak Japanese. Arg. STUDY.

2. I need to relax about "hours in the day" . I still have a little bit too much work-a-holic in me. Trying to do too many little projects while not really accomplishing anything due to slow as hell multitasking. I need 1 goal a day for and then I need to swim or run or whatever at least 3 times a week. I feel guilty if i miss a day, but I know that 3 days a week is really fine with all the things im trying to accomplish ( updates, broadcasting fieldtrips, relaxing, going out, whatever...) Yeah. Life is possible and I get more done by doing less if I really break it down.

So, these are my resolutions for the next year. Let's hope I can stick to them! Im sure a little viewer nudging might help too!