April 24th, 2010

worked out

an olympic triathlon (from here on out "OLYtri") consists of the following:

1500 meter swim
40km cycle
10km bike

not to be confused with an ironman, which is much much longer.

im almost too sleepy to write because it's naptime AND, i did an OLYtri today. sorta. I cycled 44km, ran 10km and then pulled 1500m followed by some cool down 50's. 10 minute transition in between bike and run. 40 minute transition between run and swim---which included a glass of chocolate milk, a pee break, a quick bag pack and a 10 minute ride to the pool plus changing.

basically, as continuous as i could make it.
and it FELT GREAT (aka, i should have tried harder!)-- except for the near lisa pancakes between trucks and the curb and the actual HIT today by a garbage truck. and the stoplights suck. the cycling took me 2:15. I subtracted some time for lights and accident recovery and settled on a cycling time of 2:00. the highways are just not safe and it stresses me out to ride on them with all the traffic. i have one little avenue that has cars, but its not a main thru-fare. 5km each way, just about to make a 10km loop. but still lights and no hills at all. not so useful. kanpachi dori is totally a no go. i almost died today. mejiro dori is better, but still scary. i just wish i could find a nice loop. i know theres the tamagawa and the arakawa and shinagawa futos but just to get there takes me over an hour--maybe 2.

im in need of a nap. andi only have 45 minutes now. but the point to this is, i just wish there was a good place near me to train on the bike. its my worst event of the three and the most boring to me.
(not including near death experiences)

oh,my time today was 3:30-ish.
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