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May 5th, 2010

pissed athlete


I started swimming at Heiwadai pool because its a 7 minute bike from my place. its been saving me tons of time during the week. precious time that i need to sleep instead of waiting for the crowd to leave the Tokyo Taikukan and then starting my workout at 9pm. today was the last straw.

previously, its been too warm and sometimes there's a thick layer of chemicals hovering over the pool that smelled like a toxic chicken farm. previously, when there was only 1 other person swimming, i was told no flip turns because it's too dangerous! (take that dangerous michael phelps!) well, today, some slow lady decides it's a great idea to push off in front of me instead of waiting to see if im going ahead of her. im obviously coming in fast. so, we collide. i was going to apologize at the end, but she got out and talked to the lifeguard and left. now, im told no wall touch and push off under the rope (let me explain that at most pools in japan, you swim down one lane and back another. totally shite.) im supposed to swim a length and then stop and go under the rope and push off. WTF. how is that a workout? how is that going to help me get around slower people that im not supposed to pass after they cut me off?? so, she was in the "right" i got a little pissed and told them id move over to the "equipment lane" (buoys and kickboard - real efficient...) "thank you very much" said the lifeguard. i kicked for a bit and then put on the buoy. everyone left the lane. figures. i could hardly concentrate, i was so annoyed. i watched the water walkers in the lane next to me. i watch kids run on the deck and not get yelled at. i watched people stopping in the middle of the swimming lanes. what a rip.

so, the rule is under the rope BECAUSE no one wants to bloody take responsibility and notice who's are about them and follow lane rules. if someone is faster than me, i let them around. dont care if its at the wall or they wanna pass. in reverse, if im faster, let me fucking around and DONT push off in front of me. now because no one seems to have a brain, we have this rule and I no longer can swim there.


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