May 6th, 2010

happy birthday to fabio!

oh yes - May 10th is the boyfriend's birthday. we will celebrate on saturday night. i thought about a fancy dinner but instead opted for a 25,000 yen gift towards a new bicycle he can keep at my place, and thus fueling weekend cycling for the rest of the summer. (self-serving little me! but he likes to cycle, so its all good!)

so yes, instead---
i decided to make dinner. i was going to do a million cheese lasagna with spinach and artichoke hearts, but as i did already bestow that 25,000 yen last week and a million cheese lasagna will run me over 70$US if im not careful (cheese might as well be gold in Tokyo),well - change of plan. just as delicious, i hope!

For starters, we need a welcoming bottle of bubbly. Sparkling something, most likely prosecco.

Then a shrimp caesar salad with sliced baguette

For the main Im making gnocci from scratch (fabios fave pasta)- a sundried tomato gnocci with a black olive sauce

and finally, as silly as it sounds, im making a pineapple upside down cake for his birthday dessert. fabio LOVES pineapples and those sweet red marashinos. gonna add 11 candles (2 plus 9 for 29!) and thats that.

let's see. i also promised him a massage. gotta stop by the body shop and see about an inoffensive massage oil (does it exist there??).
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