June 16th, 2010


to all that have sent me mails in the past 3-6 months about jobs in japan because the US job market is so crappy - ive just been made aware (way after the fact) that GEOS is/ was/ still is in trouble:

"To All Teachers Considering Going Back To Work On Friday!

1. You will not be paid for April.
2. You will not be be paid any bonuses or holiday paid you are owed.
3. Your May salary will be very small (23rd to 30th of April). (if you get paid)
4. Your next full salary payment will not be until the 15th of June! (if you get paid)
5. You will have to work with the managers that lied to you and your students and will continue to lie to you and your students.
6. End of July you are sacked again and have to agree to new work conditions if you want to continue working.
7. You as a teacher have zero respect and value with the new company. The new company has already guaranteed to pay rent owed to the landlords but will not pay money owed to teachers.

By returning to work all you are doing is supporting the very people have shafted you and lied to you.
Your jobs are not secure and you will be shafted and lied to again at the end of July.

Best of luck! "

to conclude: it is no better here that over there. not really. i hope this helps.