Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ah, weekend

i could not pull myself out of bed any earlier than 12:30pm. Perhaps I would have been up earlier, but I kept getting phone calls from James at work and Wil regarding a last minute brunch. I'm at James's now. Showered, filled with grapenuts and blackberries, with olive oil in my hair because we ran out of hair goo. (it works suprisingly well, and adds lits of sheen. impressive!)

so, im off to meet Wil for brunch, a small gathering to wish Peter goodluck. He was accepted to this traveling theatre troupe, and leaves soon. lucky boy. Thats at someplace called "The Bar" on Smith Street. Then I have to met James at his restaurant in Chelsea. It's all about a budget and coffee for me. I swiped 2 gold dollars out of Jamie's coin jar. I'll get him back tonight. I feel guilty about it even though I know he wont care and would say yes if i asked. (I did not ask because I've already called him at work today once, and they sorta frown on know how jobs can be.) I have this guilty conscience that way. This morning he said that he was missing some money from last night, and I immediately felt like as if I had to prove myslef innocent, or something. Of course we went though it, and after subtracting the amount for 2 rounds of beer, and 4 1$ pool games, it seemed the amount in his pocket was correct after all. (Yay, gotta love late night spending).
so, yes, im off to catch the A train. Im wearing my favorite dress: a Delia's dress: black with straps that criss cross in the back and tie. With "Goddess" scripted in clear beads overlaying pink fabric, across the chest. the only thing is i ALWAYS get harassed by guys on the street. "Hey goddess..." "hey baby, come be my goddess" "goddess, huh...arrogant!"
stupid. so, especially in this hood, where james is, i feel very protective and on edge when I walk around. Even though it's hot, ill wear my black hoodie over my dress until I get onto the train. sad, isnt it.

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