Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

i just told my stacy that i have to move out.
i feel terrible. but, i have to face up to the fact that i made a really bad financial decision. james or not. it really has little to do with him. he could leave me tomorrow (god forbid) and I'd still have to find a new place.
i love my roomie. i love my place. but i cannot afford it. hear that world? yes, i admitted it.
i cannot get ahead on my bills. i cannot eat out. i cannot buy new clothes. i cannot buy lunch more than once every couple of weeks. i cannot expand my project as I have been wanting to. i came here to live. not scrape by in a state of financial depression.
there's 2 options. increase income, or decrease costs. I cannot imagine taking on another job again. So, it looks like I need to decrease costs. Considering that James has been paying for me to eat, since i met him, and I dont buy new things (only allowing myself one frivee expense 30$ or under a month), there's not much to decrease.

ah, the adventure continues. i think stacy is upset with me, but i dont know what to say. i love her, but im digging myself into a money hole if I stay a month longer than my lease.

I won't be leaving until September.
I dont know what will happen to my project.
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