Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ok, major HUGE freak out. It's 11:30am. do be do. life as normal. suddenly the power goes out. We all shriek. the entire office shuts down with a sigh. I would say it was quiet, but it wasn't, because the light fixtures were buzzing loudly. The guys in the back run out to be sure we are all ok. Power outages in 75 story buildings are not cool, especially with recent events. Your brain doesnt think rationally for a few seconds, and images of the worst flood in like a tsunami. We wonder what the hell is going on until we get a call from downstairs. Someone is reinstalling an AC. Ah, that explains it. We're sitting around chatting (relieved, of course) because we can't do anything without our computers, fax machine, printer, etc. Lunch.
I just returned to the office to find power restored (obviously). Sigh. I was hoping we'd get outta here early, or something. Leave it to the maintenence men to ruin a good thing.

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