Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

back from anaheim

ahhh. i am so relaxed. well, you wouldnt know it, really, since im rushing around like a cow on crack, but im not all stressed, like when i left. i returned to find my credit cards acknowledging my debt consolidation, and a check from the NY state government. apparently i overpaid on my taxes, and there was a 62$ check hanging out on my desk. i can deal with that.

1. Disney BAAAD...although the fireworks were pretty (these i witnessed in the passenger seat, soused off my bunny on the return trip from a Little Saigon drinking session on Tuesday night)
2. 7-11 GOOD! OMG! I love 7-11. I didnt realize how much I missed it. 99 cent HUGE slurpee!! (and for those of you who dont know...i shake my head in disapointment!) Home of the Big Gulp, a soda noone should ever really buy to really consider consuming in entirety. OMG. NY deli's can kiss 7-11's large, cheap, and full varietied ass. I found Sobe gum, with liquid fruit centers. An energy drink called "Rockstar" (for those of us who party too hard, and need to keep energized for the next one...the drink even claimed to clean yur liver out). Mint skittles...and this gum called "dragon fire gum", like an atomic fireball except worse. yum. oh yeah, and a Red Bull was....$1.75!!! (here its 3$)
3. Pools: Goood. I got burned though. It's turning into a tan, but you know how i usually stay out of the sun. Something happened there though. I think I caught the California-must-lie-out-near-the-water bug, and yeah, got bit bad yo. Dont tell anyone I was wearing a baby blue swimsuit. with silver glitter.
4. Conference: fab. It's a food technology conference, which means that theres all these little booths displaying the newest ways to fortify/preserve/dry/dye/stretch..anything food. There was florescent blue cheese. Edible red glitter. strange protein bars and drinks, tons of yummy chocolate (some fortified with this fibergum that you didnt notice at all, but gave you 5% of your fiber per day). Kraft Foods, Kelco, ADM, Mitsubishi, Wild Flavors (just to name a few)....all the people behind almost everything you eat.
5.Hotel: ugh... Extended Stay America. No shampoo. I Washed my hair with the soap. felt like i was rebleaching it every morning. haha. I did have a kitchenette though. Didnt use it, but it was nice to know it was there (i ate so much at the conference, that i skipped the normal meals...)
6. Wottrod and family :) Rock. They put up with me for an evening. Beach and Thai cuising and chat. Fabulous to meet the superhero who makes my webcast possible. His wife was soooo cool. I love it when I meet people I can just talk with. His daughter was soo hyper. I think I'd loose 100 lbs keeping up with her. I think shes gonna be a soccer star later, cause shes got the energia for it.

But with all this, im so happy to be back. I missed my boy like a pathetic little puppy. I missed Stacy and Ifrit. Missed my camera. I missed NYC. Missed it all sooo much. On the 6 hour plane ride home, I just squirmed. Not enough room. Legs scrunched. Dreams the night before of a plane crash. And the need for NYC.
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