Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

mmm, delicious vegetarian indian food for lunch. James took me out to dinner last night. I think the name of the restaurant is Thalia. The space used to be an alleyway, long aago and far away.
Basically, they serve one dish per day. You go in and pay 13$ for tea, entree and dessert. It's completely yum. We had leftovers, so James handed them to me before I left this morning. What a delightful little treat!

Mom also sent me a care pack: vitamins, add water soups, mac and cheese, and iodine in case the paks and in inds decide to nuke each other, or some looney drops a dirty bomb in my area (GOD FORBID!..ack!)

So, back to that dream. Theres a boss in the biochem dept named Don. A very single, on the go, (not attractive to me!) 50 something. He works from the Cali office. Well, in my dream, Don was getting married. All these women were trying to line up dates with him before get tied the knot, including me. I finally did get a date with him, and he was all over me...I think we kissed (ick, spit!) We went out for dinner and I told him I was so happy that he'd taken me out before everything...
cant remember anything else from this scene. Suddenly, I was at the wedding with 1 or 2 other people..we were sitting on bleachers. Don was sitting there two. I see this Mexican couple coming down the isle. I ask Don "hey, arent YOU supposed to be getting married today?" He says" oh, it was a ploy to get dates, actually. Guess it worked..."
an then James poked me and I woke up.
I didnt remember this dream until I was in the shower. I Was a scrubbin and thinking about how nice it was to have both my bosses out of the office yesterday. I remembered Kiyo was going to be in today...and the "bosses" word revived the memory back into horrifying detail.
I told the girls today and they all laughed.
"Dont tell Don," says Mary, " You wont hear the end of it!"

Meanwhile, James and I are watching a movie called Session 9. Anyone seen it? Creeepy. I need stacy to see this one. We're about half way though. I started passing out at 12:30 from the beer I had earlier in the evening, last night. It's about these asbestos cleaners and the experience cleaning up an abandoned mental institution. CREEEEPY. dont tell me the end. Very silent hill. Very. I'm excited to finish it up this evening.
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