Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

im exhausted. i love the james apt. A/C is
im wearing this rad "bad kitty" shirt with my swim trunks. the shirt is black with red writing and yellow eyes. the trunks are baby blue with white flower and silver glitter.
oh yes, it is an attractive sight. too bad f-in webcam 23 wont download again on J's machine. grrr. i tried to rip it off my server, and the disk was too small.
annoying. i guess i need to figure out how to plug in this iomega zip drive...(hmm, do i have usb? yes, i think so.) then again, i have to find the drive in the pile of james bills/postcards/ computer shit/ power supplies / and old transformers.
yes, the old ones. the big ones. this one im looking at is white and turns into a jet plane. i neevr did watch the cartoon cause i was banned from tv as a child, but i hear it was a good show.
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