Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

i got st. james place working again.
all it took was the lisa touch. james was telling me the camera wasnt responding.
oh, i got it to respond all right...a little know. :)
i had a few bits of coffee yogurt. bad for the diet, but good reward for getting the camera working. i had corn on the cob for dinner. Urban Organic. Sweet, not cardboardy. smothered in pepper and a little salt and butter. YUM. and some crunchy, slightly bitter lettuce, with a drizzle of italian dressing. yay! i love summer vegis. so do the roaches..
:( i was going to put a garbola bag into the garbola, but there are none, so i put the corn shucks, leftover munched cobs, and outter lettufce leaves in this paper bag. not sure its a good idea. i feel like ill see the floor scurry away in the morning. note to self": in the next place, be sure the roach community is under control.
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