Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

woohoo! is the 4th of july!! :) i just finished an email to my friend Judy. Shes my best friend from elementary school. I havent seen her since 6th grade! shes visiting with her boy joel for a day and a half before heading up to his family reunion. im so excited to see her. we're taking them out to dinner at some thai place before wallowing in one of Wil's wonderful BBQ's on the roof of his fab apt in Carol Gardens. (great place to watch fireworks at dusk!) It's early..6:30am, or something. i passed out at 9pm last night because i was soooo exhausted. JAmes and I stayed at my place 2 nights ago, and we hardly slept at all. The heat was unbearable. he slept on the floor and i flopped around on the bed. most unhappy. work yesterday was killer. we were allowed to go home early at 4:30. I thought for sure id get outta there, but little problems kept creeping in and i ended p being the last assitant to leave at 6:30 :( needeless to say i was entirely too antsy to get outta there, being it not only the 4th of july weekend, but the beginning of my week and a half vacation. there were notes to prepare, meetings about the notes, invoicing that id usually put off until today or tomorrow, but but because of the vacation ,i had to do last night. yack. and when i left, all the trains were moving mega slow for no reason, so i didnt even get to the haven of AC at st james place until 7:30. Ah well.
Ok, yeah, so im awake now. i turned on the camera, so you can watch my head bob around while i type this. theres nothing much to do except go back to bed and try and force myself to sleep a bit. IM SO EXCITED TO SEE JUDY!
and so excited that i dont have to deal with import documents until July 15th! woohoo!!
dance dance.
my boy is hogging the whole bed.
the stand on my camera broke, so i now have to figure out how to make it point down from the desk. ill levae it on until we get up, and then hopefully until we leave for my place.

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