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i potted my cactus cutting, along with a few other tiny succulents we found discarded on the ground in broken pots at Home Depot. James and I felt so bad for the 2 aloes, one cactus, and 2 fuzzy succulents (species unknown, as of yet) that we bought them all to love them and take them home. we waited for 15 minutes for someone from gardening to come and tell the cashier gal what price some tiny tiny pots we found were, but i finally gave up and bought the next size up.

next to home depot is a giant beer warehouse. its my theory that people go buy supplies at home depot for that special deck project, and then stock up on alcohol so they can actually get through the special deck project.

and now it's time for my afternoon nap.


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 13th, 2002 06:12 pm (UTC)
actually, we have been quite good with your futon. we cover it in my now washed black quilt and havent had sex or even fooled around on it once! .... :)
in fact our amount of sex has gone way down all together because we play final fantasty X (we boought IX too, and james is playing that non-stop) until we are too sleepy to keep our eyes open, at 3am.
i told him i missed him and i needed a little more attention than what i was getting lately. i think he gets the message, but now hes really sick. :)
but, in light of your post..lets see...
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