Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

im checking out classes at CUNY. It's amazing the difference between what happens at Oberlin in the bio dept and at a community college in Queens. Oberlin is so PC, anti-vivisection...animal friendly save the the annoying extreme.

CUNY on the other hand has 2 required courses for vet tech that i might have trouble with depending on what I was forced to do:
one is an animal research course (because vet techs are needed in the clinic or zoos, but also to help in animal research labs ACK! Note that while a vet tech in your local cet clinic might make 17-25k a year, they can make up to 80k a year in the research lab. not sure if the $$ is enough to quell my nauseousness!) but back to my topic. they teach lab techniques. i assume that we arent actually working IN a research lab, just perhaps proceedures. im worried that it is hands on though. i dont really to "practice" any special kinds of needle insertions, or restraint practices on some poor rabbit, you know? i can understand practicing giving shots, under supervision, restaining an animal for in't own (and my)benefit, but to practice pain for it's own sake is no good. who knows though. the PC is catching everywhere. also, there's an anatomy course that requires dissection of CATS! I have heard of this before, and i can only assume that this is an opt-out ( like i wouldnt have to do it to pass the class) one one hand, it would be extremely interesting to open up a cat and find out what it's like. on the other, id be consumed with the idea of some poor, trusting feline (or some rather neglected feline) getting put to sleep and submerged in fermadlahyde for science purposes. :( hmmm. my body can be donated to science, but not till i die. the poor cat had no say at all.
fun stuff to think about.

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