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sellin of self

so, im selling my sax. im talking with this guy right now about it. if anyone wants a fab sax though, im selling my superaction 80 serie II for 1800$. Great condition..

im trying to think of other ways to raise some cash. im just plain broke...i need to pay off my credit card bill, pronto. cant stand being in debt...
i did the ebay thing when we moved here. that was sorta fun :)

maybe i should sell my know..some of those in the picture, autogaphed...they pretty much rock :)
anyone want those sexy white shoes in my bio pics? (gallery 2)


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Oct. 19th, 2000 02:02 pm (UTC)
your woodwind playin

I was lucky enought to cruise by while you were playing clarinet. For anyone that didn't realize it, you play at a professional level! I know, I am a professional sax player (jazz,funk) in Southern California and I am around pros all the time.

You have great sound, good technique, crisp articulation, and most importantly, your personality is heard when you play! Do not stop playing. Do not sell your saxophone. Do you realize what a talented saxophone player who is also a goodlooking woman with some notoriety can do.

Let me give you an example. In L.A. there is a talented bassist (jazz-pop) named Jennifer York. She has an extremely good quartet that plays clubs throughout California. She is also the traffic person on KTLA in the morning. Yeah she does traffic from a helicopter. The point is each of her two careers feed off of each other. People see her do traffic on TV and learn that she has a group. Then they goe see her play. And vice versa.

Go to her site for more info.

You are good, don't stop.

Oct. 20th, 2000 09:49 am (UTC)
reply to rial
i actualy havent played in 3 years. i used to be really good...went to oberlin conservatory and all..
im not a sax player, whatsoever.

my first love is clarinet and second is piano.
my dad purchased the sax for my 17th birthday.

so, thats why i am selling it...
id never sell my precious clarinets.

thanks for the support. perhaps one of these days ill start practicing seriously again:)
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