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Jul. 20th, 2002

so i was reading more about the vet tech program through laguardia community college. this is a 2 year program that will give me an AAS (associates in applied science) in Veterinary technolgy. It is a mandatory set of classes that a future vet tech must take to be certified and apply for a vet tech license. It is an AVMA (american veterinary medical association) accredited program, and thus VERY standard. It can only be taken at such accredited community colleges( as annoying as it is to go to a community college after a BA from Oberlin). There are not all that many around the counntry, actually.

anyway, my point: here i am wanting to go into an area that will allow me to help animals, work directly with them, get into research regarding ways to help them (not research ON them) and i find that the first clinical class(see you have to take a semester of NON clinical courses, like english and "intro to vet tech" which talks about different careers and all....and if you are ranked in the top 1/3, then you are granted entrance into the rest of the program..so this clinical work would not start until the second-spring- semester)..
the first clinical class is ANIMAL RESEARCH. Not only would i have to work with rats and such in the college lab, i HAVE to do a REQUIRED internship in an animal research lab! (barf!!!!) i cant believe it!. On top of this, the handbook says that for other courses, we "practice" on school owned dogs and cats. WHAT THE FUCK! They OWN cats and dogs that are constantly injected..put to sleep etc?
this all seems quite extreme, although i do understand that vet techs so work in labs...it does not seem right that i be forced to do an internship in animal research!!!
im going to call on Monday and verify my fears. Im going to call the department and ask what type of internship this "animal research" has to be. If it's lab work from veterinary clinic samples, or taking samples and studying them from animals in the office...fine..but if i have to work with (as is says in the book) "one of the many pharmeceutical company labs in the metropolitain area", there is NO WAY i could possibly pursue this. How horrible! I cant even get certified to work in a vet office without having to somehow give up my values regarding animal cruelty.
but before i accuse, i do needto call the dept and figure out my options.
if this doesnt work, out, im taking bio 101 and chem 101 from bmcc.


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Jul. 21st, 2002 01:54 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, that's really rough. I faced that problem on a more minor scale when I was getting by BA. Somehow I neglected to notice until my 4th year that my degree required one quarter of Animal Research lab. I freaked out and almost decided to switch my major. Before taking such a drastic step though I went and talked to the professors and found out that I was not the only concerned student, so they decided to have one lab that would work for the credits that, while still using animals, did not inflict cruelty on them. We just studied the effects of reward (peanut butter) vs. punishment (restricted caloric intake) on rats. We ran them through lots of mazes. Then the rats (who would normally be destroyed as they are a contaminated sample) went on to be part of a research project in longevity, where they would not be hurt ever.

Maybe when you talk to the people at the school you will find out that there are similar options. Many schools have come a long way from the traditional methods of animal research.

P.S. I know what you mean about going from a great university to a community college. It is quite a transition. I've been taking classes at community colleges for the last two quarters. People give you strange looks when they find out what your background is.
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