Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

the tea water is almost boiling

after nuch talking this weekend, James and I have decided to stay a year in his apartment. We really want to move to a 1 bedroom (in the price range of 700-1000$. month), or in the best senario, to Seattle to get residency for school next fall.

However, in the best interest of financial stability and saving, we are going stay in Harlem. It's a hard decision for me. the place is a studio, in a shitty neighborhood. I felt better last night as we talked of how we were going to arrange and decorate. We are planning on setting up the loft bed over there to save space, and put the couch/ a coffee table/ and the TV where the bed is now. the loft bed would go over the fridge and cover the kitchen working area. Annoying, but what we have to do. then there will be a little aisle between the TV area and the dresser/ computer desk.

I plan to keep my webcast going over there, and perhaps it will be much more interesting with two people plus the kitty. someone will be around more often. i have been steadily noticing that i am able to portray more of what i want though my videos, but non the less, i do want to keep the live video component going, even if i dont chat as much. i would like to work the mics more..perhaps get some to set up around the room so every word of our conversation is heard. since his place is small and will be packed with fluffy objects (bedm couch, pillows, cat etc...) i expect the sound quality to be much better that it is now in this hollow loft.

the first order fo business is making sure i can get cable. i typed in all the address information into the road runner database, and it confirmed that cable was cross yur fingers. in the worst case senario, we would not get cable, in which case, i would need to focus completely on downloadable movies. its hard to predict the future until time warner stamps a seal of approval. in the meantime, im going to be selling books and clothes and things. ill post a list up here, in case anyone wants anything...but im also going to post in some fine online marketplaces as well.

ah, the planning and packing begins again, but this time, i dont have to worry about money. i am so relieved, its hard to explain the feeling. lisa will actually be getting ahead.
yay me.

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