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i have to stay behind at work today because i "have to rewrite a fax to be more polite"
It was a fax to our home company to revise some documents to one of our customers specs.

It said:

Please revise the following (docs to looklike blah blah...)
Just a fax is ok. This is not urgent.
Thank you!

Signed blah blah

short, proper business-ey. I always get lectured about how my sentences are really complex and confuse the people back in Japan. so, here I go being all careful, and now im being RUDE! I said please and thank you!

i get so frustrated here. i keep getting in trouble.


Jul. 30th, 2002 01:45 pm (UTC)
That seems a bit unfair. From what I know about the Japanese culture, they've got these very strict unspoken rules, about how you should act. And all depending on how high up the food chain you are.

Also, I've heard you're not supposed to show emotions but that's just something I've heard, so that may be wrong.