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i called people for plans during the day today, but everyone seems to be busy. I do have an invite to a party at PS1 tonight, in LIC, and a lunch date with my sharon tomorrow.
Good enough. In the meantime, today has been total chore/ self-maintenance day. Im about to start the self-maintenance part. Dying the hair :) Waxing, plucking, redoing the nails. Shaving. Showering. Masks. all of that! yay!
in 2 hours ill be a different sexy girl.

even better that before i begin all this, i have already done all the laundry, including quilt and sheets, swept and swiffered the whole place, done the dishes and disinfected the whole kitchen and bathroom. i wanted the place sparkling for when my stacy returns. days like this are good. i feel so centered, and like i have done something.

Yeah, so tonight is either movie night with the boy or party night. i dont know which yet. maybe some of both. poor james has to be at work tomorrow at 9pm, but maybe hes up for a few hours at PS1. we shall see.