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today was lazy and productive, all at once. we are out of money until I get paid next monday. this because, james is out of work and looking for work, and i am the checkbook nazi and will not allow us to borrow from next months paycheck for this week's fun. yes, tis mean, but since i am covering the rent unti he finds something good for himself, that is the way it is. Not to worry, I wont be doing this forever. I have every confidence that James will find something. He spends hours a day pondering over job ads online and sending out resumes. We both want him out of the food industry. He: because he's sick and tired of it and would like something 9-5. Me: because toward the end he was having trouble walking from standing on his feet all day. Ankle inflamation, so I think I nice desk job would be good. I told him to check out all the agencies on Madison. Its incredibly hard to find a job now, and if you just look on line or in the papers, you're only skimming the bare white top of the milk. granted, the agencies are swamped, but its all about persistence. take those damn microsoft office tests and type as quick as possible on the WPM test and sound like a human instead of a monkey. all will be well with daily phone calls and pounding the pavement. If this fails, James does have a stellar food service resume, and im sure he could pick up something in the neighborhood to help me out while he looks for something else.

in the meantime, i am also searching for holiday employment. 1. to help me pay off the debt quicker. 2. to make sure James has the time to find a real job and not have to settle in order for us to get by. I would think by January he could find something.

i started work on my website again today, updating the main page, and de-linking the webcast until it's running again. I tried to install oculus on the Mac and it WOULD NOT run, and then I read the readme and it said that Oculus doesnt work well with OS9. Bummer. I tired LiveCam, WenCamToo, BTV and nothing would behave. Some programs didnt load, some charged for software right away, and some have huge glitches. If anyone has ideas, please let me know. I wanted to put a webcam in my kitchen until I could actually webcast. (The mac is on the kitchen counter, near the phone jack, whereas the server with webcam32 is in the computer room, far away without a connection, and nowhere to fit it in the kitchen. grrr)

James is already asleep. We have been going to bed around 10-11 and waking up at 7, even on weekends. Strange, but true. I think I am unable to sleep in because this apt is still not "home" . Plus, Im up at 6 or 7 on the weekdays, and the body is used to it. Bummer though. I dont think I could sleep in until 9am , if i tried!

with that, its a glass of water and off to bed where i can hear the boy breathing heavily in dreams.


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Sep. 22nd, 2002 03:19 am (UTC)
You have to sound human to get a job in NY??? That include taxi drivers and deli owners :)

Only taken a brief cab ride thru outer NY once a decade ago (between airports) and I've been watching Letterman, so my impression that they're all aliens that has had their universal translator broken, might be wrong. Perfect place for me actually.

What do you think of Mac OS X?
Sep. 22nd, 2002 06:03 am (UTC)
i dont really know that much about osX im still on an imac G3 OS9!! Thats why the oculus wont work, according to the readme.

some people say good things about osX, some say rotten things. all i know is that i desparately need a g4 or better. my cd rw drive is now broken. it wont take my cd's. and i used it all of maybe 5 times. sigh.
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