Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

fall is trying to autumn. trying. it's supposed to get up to 84 degrees today. Not that it matters in this overly AC'd office. I learned to not worry about the weather. But it is nice to know what it would be like IF i was outside.

Meanwhile, nothing exciting is happening. We went to Crate and Barrel yesterday to spend my 50$ gift certificate. I found some rad copper colored fall cookie cutters: a maple leaf and an acorn. We also aquired a wire rack, a tall glass pitcher (this pitcher was not the MOST pretty, but we kinda bonded with it and couldnt trade it for smaller, nicer ones. It needed a home.), and a cookbook of english brunch recipes. MMMMM. The original idea was to meet quickly and then run to Restoration Hardware, but of course, it took us a billion years to find these objects amid the muck of overpriced Crate and Barrel knick-knacks, so we went home. Went home and made baked potatoes in the microwave with melted cheese, butter, salt, pepper, fake bacon, brocolli and sour cream. YUM! Played some Wishbringer until the game crashed and fell into bed. Ive been noticing that I find the bed more and more uncomfortable. I can feel the wood bars through the futon matress. I guess we need to turn it over, or something. I wake up around 4am, and wont be fully wide awake, but i flop around until 6 or 7, not able to get comfy.
Speaking of waking up, Ifrit has been VERY bad lately. Any small bit of plastic or a paper bag is a loud toy at 3am. We always seem to leave something out. However Ifrit scored his highest points when he not only chewed through the bag that some newly bought, highly-adored cards were in, but bit though the cards themseves. Then he proceeded top chew a plastic page guard that contained James's resume and cover letter that he was going to mail out this last Monday. Ifrit is SUCH a bad bad kitty. I dyed the tips of his belly blue, and he has a couple blue feet as well. Hahahaha

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