Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

we are glued to Max Payne. A creepy part in a bad dream where you have to carefully follow this train of blood or fall into the darkness. A baby is screaming in the background. Fun stuff. This game is ok, but cool at the moment because the hallway looks exactly like silent hill 2, at the end. freaky.

the long weekend is over. it feels as if i should have another day to be lazy. im almost done christmas shopping for my secret santa thang at work. too chilly to go out again today. we did thought to get some bunny WE CAN WATCH THE SIMPSONS!!! OMHFG!

In other news, one of the characters in the video FF-like game that im into is named "Fubar" haha. like the gray cat. yup.
its hard to concentrate with this game on and type. i just read this and it makes no sense at all nosirree bob alicious a tricious.
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