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A LisaGoddess production:

"Im not Eating Your Fuking Sushi..."
Starring Pixie Danno

I'm really not. the place stinks. sake? miso? its a creature? whatever. bored.

This is not a real smile. I swear, the smoked salmon just slithered off my plate. See, there it goes. your jokes are lame. bored.

i got it! I'll turn into an eye-less slimey alien. Raaaarrrr!! Sushi die!! DieDie!!!

Hhahaha! Look at you all petrified. Im gonna get outta here while you sit there like a freaked out american. All we brits can do that, didnt you know? Zip! Here I go!

The End


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Dec. 5th, 2002 06:29 pm (UTC)
Why, that's me!
I like the story-board.
Had fun today stalking famous people. We'll chat tomorrow. D x
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