Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

new years resolutions

on the train to the ASPCA I have a eon of time to think. I could read a book, but knowing myself, I believe I will forget my pages at the clinic. An hour commute each way. 2 hours total (for those who skipped 1st grade) in which to contemplate the week, ignore screaming children, and twist uncomfortably between bulky black women in fur coats and men who feel the need to air out their crotches using 2 seat spaces. Four days into the new year, I created 3 resolutions:
1. Go back to school for my AAS in Veterinary Technology. (LVT)
2. Figure out how the f-ing hell I'm going come up with $23,000 to do so.
3. Pick up my website where I have left it to rot and start planting new life.

Ok. 3.5 resolutions. 3.5: to kill anyone in this building (especially if they do not pay rent here, or do pay rent, but own loud dogs) who makes enough noise between the hours of 4am and 8am on weekends to wake me from my rare hours of morning slumber.

I suppose 3.5 is difficult to carry out and one can only call the landlord to many times before he tells you to deal with it.

But, the other 3 resolutions are possible. Number 2 will be interesting. It involves me working with my current company up until spring 2004, when the required courses will all be scheduled in the daytime. In the meantime, I plan to take one of the required classes this spring in order to lighten my fall load, at which time I will officially begin work on my Vet Tech degree. All classes will be night classes for this first Fall 2003 semester. Between summer and Christmas bonuses, I hope to have Fall 2003 and most of Spring 2004 paid for. But what of Fall 2004 and Spring 2005? Let's not forget that on top of this tuition, I have 550$/ month in rent, debt payments, utilities, and oh Nah, scrap that last one. If James can find a job, I should be able to save through this year to help pay for half of next year. After that...hmm. So, in a positive course of action toward resolution 2, turning starboard to resolution 1, I set off from Livejournal to look for loans/scholarships/ grants for a returning student who will have to claim a few 10-thousands in assets from the previous year on the FAFSA even though though she will not be capable of working her entire second year of school...

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