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im craving my video game : Suikoden III.
I think im almost finished. I'm leveling up my characters like crazy. I also need to go grocery shopping. I wonder how much money I have left in my account? Maybe I can trade in a sweater for some goat cheese and spinach?


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Jan. 13th, 2003 03:06 pm (UTC)
Suikoden III huh? So did you find all 108 characters for your team? ;-) I've only played the first one. After playing it through once without any cheat guides, I ended up with like... 75 or so characters. And I was like "hmm..." so then I went back with a strategy guide and I was like "Oh... you can recruit him? And her? And THAT guy?! And that one guy gets brought back to life if you have the other 107 people? wow..." But, I'm currently playing through FFX finally. I'm almost to Zanarkand. Loving the game so far, of course. It's so tedious getting everyone involved in the fights when you can only have 3 out of the 7 characters in the lineup at the same time though... especially when Tidus keeps getting criticals. The number of times I've switched to someone just to have them use Aim, Jinx, or Focus for no reason is countless. Bleh. And that Yojimbo guy took all my money, damn him. Greedy prick. I need to get a ps2 gameshark, I'm accustomed to having unlimited money. ;-) Even if I use no other cheat (which often I don't unless the game is just TOO hard), I always use unlimited money. teehee Maybe wishful thinking...
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