Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

I've been avoiding American Idol and reading V. I'm almost finished and yet I Feel i need to buy a readers guide to be sure I understand everything.

Last night, I sprawled on the floor with no pants, my legs propped up from the knee down on the bed. I started snapping pictures of my legs and the view from upside down: james sitting on the ceiling looking for jobs online. Frustrated, PMS-ing and bored, I decided to take a bath. The light purple bubble fluid frothed into bubbles, but when I put a toe in the tub, I discovered the water was only luke-warm. Desiring a bath so desparately, I crawled in anyway, and covered as much of my body as I could. Started reading "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", and pushed the lever every 3-5 minutes to see any hot water would pour forth from the semi-shiny silver faucet. none. nada. I removed the bath from myself and toweled flat the few remaining bubbles. my skin itched with dried soap. I ignored it, dressed in tight ghetto-like sweat pants and a gray Oberlin sweatshirt I stole from Shaz's friend's boyfriend, back in the day. Stomped off to the bedroom and proceeded to read until I passed out late @ 9:55pm. The cat kicked me all night. I woke up almost every hour. In the morning, The train was crowded. I went to view the space my company is thinking of moving into. The tow brokers didnt shake any of the girls' hands. They didn't even talk to us until we were leaving on the elevator when they joked that maybe some of us (meaning the girls) could sit out and greet people in the hallway as guests exited the elevator. (We are the only company on the floor.) Fucking asshole. I vowed to get some form of higher education and get a job where people looked me in the eye from a leather chair located on the other side of my wide,hardwood desk in my corner office with a view.

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