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I wasn't sleeping very soundly last night, so when King timothy started scrathing my wicker hampers like he always does at 6am, I just got up. took a nice shower. did some email. searched for a part time job. Im thinking of stopping by Petco. Maybe I can be a cashier, or something. I found some bartending gigs, but since I have no experience, Im not to confident about those. In any event, I need to find some clean socks and get my ass to work.


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Feb. 25th, 2003 02:54 pm (UTC)
yeah, i remembered you worked at a petshop. didnt remember which one though. The Petco is near the ASPCA and work..so that's why I was thinking trying there..plus they are open until 9pm...so the MIGHT take me as a part-timer from 6pm-9pm, as a cashier, or something, and then on Saturdays. I think ill check it out next saturday...or tomorrow. I had to work too late tonight. Ill look into PetSmart though. Just cause yur so damn hot.
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