Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

feeling rather shakey so I'm having some tea with sugar and no milk. (BREAK WHILE A BOSS CALLS)

I am happy to plod through all the work from yesterday in silence. In a way, it's relaxing. I can just focus on putting paper in the envelope, or samples in the boxes, or hitting send on the email. Plus, Im not at home. Cabin ever direct to my door, blocking it, in fact, all weekend long. The sidewalk seemed almost strange as I trudged to the R train this morning. The cold air was new and refreshing after 3 days of dry, radiator-heated air. I wondered how many of the people I passed in the street tuned into some form of reality TV last night. you know, all that's on nowadays is reality TV, car commericials, cell phone commericals, and the occasional ER/Practice. Hot deal this, drive this home that, free phone, spy on us cause we were celebrities, but now we are, naked, fighting for survival on a small desert island created by Fox in someone's backyard pool.
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