Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ah, life...

(said rather rhetorically while staring off into the distant smoggy sky...)

Jeramy is down in the bar taking an IQ test. We are both suckers for a test. yes, me too, even though i hate knowing that the result effect the rest of my life. so annoying. (refering to GMATs here for those who just started keeping track of my rantings) its on this cool site,
i first went there because my friend sent me this "what sex god are you?" test. I stopped going there because i took every single test i was interested in. they need to update more.

(drinking tea sweetened with brown sugar)

i wonder what the world is up to this evening. i feel like i need to be out there directing traffic, or something. the future is this leaf that flits on the wind, just out of reach.
flits thought he cars and down rainy alley-ways where cardboard boxes slumber in inky brown puddles.

This drunk started hitting on me today when i was riding the trolley car back from the Quarter. (I made the mistake of sitting near him, afterall.)
he kept saying "he little lady..i wanna..."and then rumbled off into incoherancy. I heard one phrase" are you hitting on me??" he asks. The two women across from me moved to the middle of the car after that. No help do i get. I keep igoring him. He's about 60, grizzled. To much time in the alley-ways with bottles, cigarettes and old memories of a wasted life. I was hoping he'd try and touch me so i could release the wrath and punch him with a few obsenities..
but no such luck.
i worried that he would get off at my stop and harass me. A kind rainy angel watched over New Orleans this morning, and had the drunk off that trolley 2 stops before mine.
i figured he wouldnt be able to jog the 8 blocks, and felt safe in crossing the trolley tracks to the other side of St. Charles
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