Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


I've gotten a huge response, both pro and con, for my comment on the What's Up last night. It was intended to be controversial, and I was happy to see some response.

The comment basically said that "those who voted for nader helped out bush. thanks." it was an opinion held not just be me, but everyone in the house.

it really seems to me with the races so close (by only thousands or tens of thousands) that nader did pull away those few thousand votes that gore would have recieved, especially in states where (nader was receiving 4% of the votes). Im sure some of those Nader people might not have voted, or would have voted for Bush. But i know a huge share of people voted for Nader and dislike Bush. (Stile from Stile project and anyone he convinced to name one group)

"Watching you on the web, I thought you might be pretty smart! But after that Nader comment, I don't know! Think!!! Lose or Win, Bush is still the man for the job!" said one email.

I love this "you are stupid, bush is better comment" i totally understand people who vote republican and give me something to back it up. I may disagree with them 100%, but at least they are giving reasons that they have thought through. After growing up in Republican-land Idaho for 17 years, I've had to deal with so much "democrats are lame" without any back up that i don't have any patience for anyone who cant support their case.

On that note: i am for Gore.
1. Gore is pro-choice. This one issue means more to me than many of the others. No one has any right to tell me what to do with my body. Especially any man. If you are pro-life, cool...but don't force your decisions on me.

2. Bush is all for more defense spending. who's going to invade us..mexico? i mean really. Lets explore space instead of builing new weapons. I feel like we are going back to the 50's here..

3. Bush is into digging up wildlife refuges in the search for more oil. Im an environmentalist, and im not into it.

If i were to scope out a little more on that Yahoo! compare the candidates page, id type more. gore is not perfect, but he stands closer to my viewpoint than bush.

as it is, there I see there is a recount this morning. The candidates are proly freakin out by now. The champagne is flat on both sides :)
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