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Sorry Mr. Andersen:

The Matrix Reloaded:
2 out of 5 stars.
So disappointing.


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May. 16th, 2003 08:06 am (UTC)
Oh no! Really? So everyone is fuul of shit that said it was good? I kinda felt that way about X-Men, but my son loved it. I had a cold at the time. Maybe it's the mood you're in when you see it?
May. 16th, 2003 08:15 am (UTC)
i thought X-men ROCKED!! So, if you didnt like that...I dunno. The audience was all into it and stuff: clapping and cheering. Go see the Matrix flick. The fight scenes are good. A little to long and repetitive though.
May. 16th, 2003 08:16 am (UTC)
thats too long. not to long.
May. 16th, 2003 08:45 am (UTC)
Yeah, after the fight scenes drone on I start to go into a lull and pass out!
May. 16th, 2003 09:19 am (UTC)
so what are you now, the new Siskel and Ebert or something? (sorry for the sarcasm....) Maybe you should just quit your job (that you dislike anyway) and become a movie critic. You seem to have the "critic" part down very well for just about everything else. (and by "critic" I mean opinionated) Seriously, a movie, restaurant, theatre,video game, anything one could possibly have an opinion on, "real" critic. Not in it for the money , just the satisfaction. Kind of like Consumers Reports (of the important issues) for the masses. I think you would be most excellent.
May. 16th, 2003 04:14 pm (UTC)
Re: matrix
jeez - talk about termites! look at em come out of the woodwork!
so courageous too, with the anonymous posting.

I did't realise that evincing a personal dislike for something, be it a movie or anything else, was a full-blown critical analysis intended to bring the whole structure of Hollywood down around us.


guess I better not go around saying I don't like CCs in case I single-handedly collapse the corn chip industry.


hmmm... working on that theory, maybe I would be better off going around saying I'm not altogether happy with George Bush and John Howard? Perhaps that will work on THEM. ...hang on... I already do, and there's still in charge... DAMN!!!

Oh well...so much for that theory.


Anyway..haven't seen Matrix Reloaded yet, but I remain hopeful that I will enjoy it... after all, maybe Lisa likes Corn Chips too - doesn't mean I have to.

Quad Erat Demonstratum
May. 19th, 2003 03:35 am (UTC)
Re: toecutter?
Apparently one is unable to provide *constructive* criticism on this site in an effort to cause Lisa to consider her talents and potential to become an icon for the masses. Quit taking yourself so seriously and take/enjoy things for what they are. She is quite adept at expressing her opinions and posesses a unique form of communication that is unfortunately lacking in this day and age.
So if complimenting a journalist inadvertently hurts the poor feelings of someone who is maybe a bit too concerned about corn chips so be it. Freedom of expression, right???? And by the way, I will be popping up here and there to compliment those who deserve it. Anonymously or not. And that is freedom of choice, right? But if it just *kills* you to know, I happen to be James' sister. Happy now???
May. 19th, 2003 10:21 pm (UTC)
Re: toecutter?
well...my apologies...I was apparently taking the remarks in the wrong context. My mistake. If that's the case, I stand corrected.

Just that usually I find those kind of remarks are intended as sarcasm, not constructive (on the internet at least). Not taking things so seriously was pretty much my point, but it was in this case misdirected.

My bad.


Apologies again.
May. 20th, 2003 10:02 am (UTC)
Re: toecutter?
sorry toecutter, I should watch my tone while spouting off. I'm really a good person! Really! Lisa can vouch for me!! (I hope) I really do think she is very talented and since it has been quite a while since I've put these random thoughts of mine out there for the world to see I've got to remember my manners. I'll obviously need a user name (where in the world did toecutter come from?)_Don't want too cutesy, artsy, or just plain bizarre. And now we also need to prod that brother of mine along to get a web presence...... I HOPE IT IS ACCEPTABLE TO BECOME INVOLVED WITH YOUR JOURNAL, LISA, I PROMISE TO STEER CLEAR OF ANY RELATIONSHIP ISSUES, SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DON'T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO CENSOR YOUR ENTRIES FOR MY SAKE. MY LIPS ARE SEALED. IF YOU'D RATHER NOT HAVE ME AROUND, JUST SAY THE WORD, OKAY?
May. 21st, 2003 02:00 am (UTC)
Re: toecutter?
All good - not a biggie

pleased to meet you

May. 20th, 2003 04:15 am (UTC)
Re: matrix
yo, it's my journal.
May. 16th, 2003 09:42 am (UTC)
I saw X2 a day early
and I'll see M2 2 weeks late...
If only Germany could be consistant with thier release dates...
May. 28th, 2003 06:44 am (UTC)
I did like Matrix2... I thought the twist was great! and, now I can't wait until I get to see the 3rd one...
May. 16th, 2003 01:05 pm (UTC)
You saw it already? It's all full over here... Next week I suppose. After this, I'm not expecting much of it, which wil probably mean I'll think is was better than expected ;-)
May. 19th, 2003 03:49 am (UTC)
no offense intended
sorry Lisa, didn't mean to offend any of your friends, and maybe I shouldn't even respond to your site. I just happen to think you have some untapped potential and would be thrilled to see it put to good use. I guess maybe I'm a little *old* to participate in some of this banter, but just like to pass along the *good* thoughts instead of perpetuating the bad. If I've spoken out of turn, please let me know. And if my thoughts are welcome I will be sure to become a regular user instead of anonymous. Karen
May. 20th, 2003 04:23 am (UTC)
Re: no offense intended
tis ok,karen. upon reading your post, its hard to tell if you were being sarcastic or not. on the web, you dont get to hear the physical voice. i get a lot of random people ripping me around on my journal for my opinions, even though it's MY journal and technically, a journal is a place to express one's deep and dark opinions. a lot of my readers and I get annoyed by seemingly random people comiong out of the woodwork every so often to complain about what i have to say, as if my words were printed in a newspaper that everyone has to read. (especially if I have ANYTHING political to say...which i why i havent written anything of that nature lately). no worries. and toecutter: thanks :)
May. 19th, 2003 03:22 pm (UTC)
i loved X2 i havent seen Matrix 2 yet, i wanna tho

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