Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Back from travels...

Hey all! Im back :)
It's been a GREAT week, but I do have to admit, I am happy to be home again. Being away made me realize a couple things. For one, this house really feels like home now. I've been away and craved the familiarity of my own bed. I appreciate my little place now. For seconds, I didn't realize how much I missed Jeramy. Ouch. I thought I would test myself and if I felt relieved, then I would know something was wrong. However, I missed him so much, it hurt. There's nothing like coming home to your baby's arms, you know?

I cant remember what I wrote in my last entry...I was in NYC; I know that. In any case, I saw this GREAT off broadway play called "Tabletop" It's a comedy about tabletop advertising. If you are anywhere in the area, look it up and go see it. It's TOTALLY worth it. I have the cover of the playbill and i'll try to scan it in for those interested.

I was a little bummed with my phone. for some reason, dumb ass sprint PCS doesnt record messages in a very timely manner...I got a call from Terri S, Stacey and Anna Voog to come hang out and I didnt get it until the next morning! I havent seen terri or ana FOREVER..and I wanted to meet stacey (sp?) grrr. My apologies to you girls, if you are reading this. Hope you all had fun.

After NYC, I bee-lined it for Florida. Did lots of shopping with my aunt, and stared at my cousins. They have grown soooo much! Kyle is a sophomore in HS..and I remember when he was 4, or something. Sean is in college. I think he a little more well behaved than I. Thats proly ok :) My uncle kevin is as feisty as ever. Grandma is moved into a retirement home with her sister. They gave me the tour, and I was happy to see how comfortable the place was. Im scared of getting old...

ok, i gotta run to the spur station for kleenex. I brought home a cold and Jeramy is happy to spend thanksgiving in semi-misery. check ya later..

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