Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Oh yes, so Jimmy bought me Silent Hill 3!! Of course, he has to play it because im too scared and wussy. We didnt get too far last night cause I went out to dinner with my friend Rachel (HI RACHEL!) and also had to get up early today. But we plan on ordering Chinese take-out and slobbing it in front of the PS2! I told James not to examine the necklace we have in our inventory. Im worried about examining anything after the first one's sucky bad ending if you look at the picture you start out with. But I was too late. He'd looked at it. Aw shucks.

He's not too scared so far. Neither am I since we're only 30 minutes into the game. I admit the bunny costumes covered in blood are a little bothersome. Im enjoying the familiar sounds of doors opening, the noise when the cursor moves over your items, etc. And the map: squiggly lines are broken locks (yay! go left and we dont have to worry about those!) and the straight ones are locks or magically sealed doors. (Throw the cans in the disposable and run around aimlessly, and the doors will suddenly open...after hours of trying to figure out WTF to do next!)

The game is not the same without my Stacy. Tis true. But, I like watching the evolution of the series. Graphics sure beat the first one. In fact, the fod looks like fog. Ah, good ole Silent Hill fog. Im such a dumb ass Silent Hill dorkus malorkus.

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