Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

I marched myself down to Beacon's Closet with all the pants that are now WAY too large (we're talking 2-4 sizes too big). I thought" well, they have to at least take ONE pair!" And they did. One pair. I received 4$ for it. That's ok, cause I couldnt wear the rest of them anyway. I asked them to donate the pants to the current charity, which is a women's shelter. Plenty enough reward for me. And now, I dont have all these random clothes hanging in my closet that I dont wear...even if there were a billion bucks. In order to rebuild my wardrobe, ive budgeted enough to buy a pair a pants or a shirt or some underwear or shoes out of each paycheck. and boy do i need clothes. Fall is coming. I have 3 shirts that actually fit and arent ripped/faded. I have 2 pairs of pants that fit, but one I have to wear my highest heels with. One skirt, and 2 other pairs of pants that are too large, but if I belt them up and wear high heels, they sorts work in a loose and silly way. Im talking for work here, but that is where we spend 5 days of the week. It's pathetic. I have 2 really old sweaters. Both gray. (3 sweaters gave it up last winter with holes and unravelies) One is scratchy and the other is stretched out strangely. These are clothes that have served me since I moved to NYC three years ago, but now (on top of being rather large) they are so threadbare...
So, yes, I need to get into the pattern of actually buying things again. It;s so strange, but I feel sooo guilty. its been so long since I could afford to buy new clothes. and now, my brain thinks "nono lisa, you can make do. you should really save this cash for debt" Which is silly, cause I pay over $1000/ month to my debt. I deserve some pants that fit, right? I can see now how my grandparents' generation can still be so thrifty and price obsessed after all these years. After going though the great depression and getting in that "theres no money" mindset....its so hard to pull out.

anyway, speaking of's braid day! I was editing a "before" confession, but for some reason, I cannot export my movie from Imovie to quicktime! :( some system error. Ive restarted the mac a few times and tried different exporting formats, but something is definately wrong. Im so bummed, because i even filmed the gas station mayhem across the street the day after the blackout. I was going to post that too , for kicks. but i guess not...
so, lets chalk up a new computer next to the new pants, shall we?
I need to start making a list of all the needs/ wants/ desires. Otherwise I forget. which may not be all bad, but let's see...i really should own more than 1 bra. and my computer shoudl really work (sidenote: APPLE LOAN IS PAID! yay!)

im totally rambling. and drinking chai tea that james brought from work. hes hating his job. i wont let him quit until there is something else.

ooo! and theres a russian language class at NYU. It;s part of the adult continuing education school they have. If I take Russian I, II...III, and some translating courses, I could get my certificate. This might be enough to get me into graduate school for Russian translation. Where the hell did this idea come from? I took 3 years of russian in HS. Im really good at it (must be those Baltic roots). I still remember almost everything. Foreign study/ foreign service, MBA in intertnational business....its an idea. But, yeah.
blah. the class is 525$, for 1 night a week (2 hours) from Sept 20- Dec 13. Or, I could take the intensive course for 755$: 3 hours a week, during the same timeframe. so expensive! i really want to take the 755$ class but i have no idea how id come up with that money. the other one is possible. anyway, i have 2 weeks to plan how to pay for it, if I want to take the fall class.

ok, im going to go now, cause i see im really chatty about random everything....

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