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This past week has been crazy busy. I left around 10am last Wednesday to head down to Philadelphia for a Chemical tradeshow. Not the most interesting way to spend my time, but I cant complain too much since it all seemed to fly by. On Thursday night, we ate at the City Tavern. Supposidly the tavern where GW and TJ and BF all used to get their drink on. I wondered if the revolution and constitution business all actually originated over drinks in the rooms there, rather than in Constitution Hall. But anyway, it was complete DisneyLand, except not quite so kitchy. It's all in 1776 fashion: rooms, employee outfits, food. BF (Ben Franklin) sat in the entryway, minding hisown business. A musician in American traditional garb plucked a harp thing downstairs. Candles burned, filling the whole place with the smell of apple pie. (Tummy rumble effect, big time) The bar menu contained the porter brewed from GW's own recipe. Wassail. Holiday punch...I had hmmm..i forget what its called. Smash/stamp. something beginning with an S. fruit juice, champagne, and sweet vinegar. yummy. And the food was amazing. I ordered the seared freshwater trout. Yum. Prices are ok too. My dish was 23$ and worth every penny. I forgot to mention the bread: white, molasses, and Thomas JEfferson's favorite sweet potato/pecan biscuits. mmmmm, carbs. The white bread was soooo flavorful. Im a bread-snob, you see. The City Tavern also has a cookbook. I might have to aquire that when I win the lottery.
So, yes, that was dinner. And on the way there, we wrapped our coats tightly around us (for those of you in NW, this was Thursday...the winds. remember? brrrr) and walked byt he Liberty bell and Independence Hall. It's kinda sad that the modern age has grown in around these areas so much as to hide it all, unless you have a guide to point you in the right direction.

I drove back to NYC with my boss on Friday night, and enjoyed an hour delay in the Lincoln tunnel. Saturday, I leveled up Sora (yes, im STILL playing Kingdom Hearts). I was so exhausted that I pretty much ate cookies and leveled up (beating the poo out of the Ice Titan) until 2pm on Sunday. The the fun began. Horror movie filming. I was originally supposed to be the tough chick's assistant: basically looking cute in a plastic nurse outfit, and taking a sword she's holding to remove it and myself from the frame before she gets covered in burning acid (aka green koolaid). However, the lesbians from the orgy scene wanted $200 each for their TINY part, so I was promoted to lesbian with this other girl. So, my big scene last for about 10 seconds max. A pan over as I playfully bounce boobs with my counterpart (Im still in nurse garb!). THen the smash scene. The serial killer slams my head into hers, and my brains explode out of my forehead. :) Ok, backtrack. So, Sunday afternoon/night was spent in a Gazebo in 30-40 degree weather in a small little plastic dress, rubbing up against another girl on take after take after take. Around 12am, this woman with an overgrown chinchilla of a dog decided that we were all being obscene and called the cops. (The cops had come by many times, and were cool with it up until this point...) The woman was really upset because after she had flipped off one of the other extras, the girl had told her that her ass was huge and she should take it elsewhere. Anyways, while the police were on our side, they shut us down, because technically we were supposed to have a permit. The woman with the dog kept calling all her friends on her cell phone. I shivered in the car of one of the film crew with 2 other girls. We all went back to the director's apt and it was decided that since we could not finish the scene in the gazebo, the effects would have to all be close-ups, so as to not notice the background. I tumbled into bed in Brooklyn around 2am. Got up at 5am to swim. Got through the Monday. Somehow. Second wind: met at Troma in Midtown west at 9:30pm. My make-up was done around 11pm. Oozing brain. Blood dripping down my face. Yes, I was a mess :) 12am shooting. I stood face to face with my lesbian partner. Camera angles adjusted. Serial killer smashes our heads past each other, then I flail back, exposing the brain piece on camera. A few takes of this to get it perfect. Done. The make-up guru, Sacred (who did all the make-up for "Party Monster", in case you need a reference) rubbed some Ben Nye juice on my forehead for 5 minutes trying to get the adhesive off. I still had pieces in my eyebrows yesterday. Anyway, I was in bed by 2am again, and i TRIED to get up at 5am to swim, but my body was not having it. So, yeah, im feeling out of shape. But Im in a horror movie with people from Troma. Cool. and Im the worst actress EVER! I cant even lie. :)

Tonight is my financial aid interview. I will find out if I can actually afford school. 7pm. Psyche.

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