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I stole NOX's quiz

Walken 3
Christopher Walken says you've been
spending too much time on the

"Pal, I've been meaning to ask. Everyone
likes the computers. I love the computer.
What's the name? The name of that game with
the little ape? He's got a sword, there's
pirates! Pirates, baby! Look, it's obvious
that you're spending too much time on the
information...super...highway. It's okay, man,
I know. Look, I like to surf the web as much
as guy J or guy K. But, your wife and I. Your
wife and I we got to talking, and baby! Baby,
she's going to leave you for a guy. He works at
the Wal-Mart store. I think he sells some type
of pet.. food. Look, man, you're the greatest,
you're the greatest and you've got the world,

What advice would Christopher Walken give you?
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