Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

wind, dont blow my house down

the winds are amazing, and contrary to what says, I think it's a lot colder out than 35 degrees. I was having trouble walking in a straight line earlier, from the train station to my apt. The wind would shove me to the left, and then come straight at me, like an invisible wall. I almost lost my hat twice, and it's a beanie, not a baseball hat, or something. James called, waking me from my nap, to tell me he's not going to the gym after work because it's too cold out. So, he'll be in around 7pm. I will reheat the shells and cheese from lunch, some stuffing, peas, and corn muffins. We have some pie and cranberry sauce too. Im really craving chocolate though. I better get on the horn and ask him to pick some up on the way home somewhere.
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