Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

I decided to write in my journal just now because in a spaced moment, I accidentally bushed my teeth. Brushing the teeth was a bad move because I sorta need to eat breakfast right now...but since I have the aftertaste, Im trying to let it wear off a bit.

I had this strange dream last night that there was this tiny, dirty fishtank in the back of this woman's SUV. I was pulling plastic bags and trash out of it...apparently she tossed her left over lunch garbage in the back, and it made it's way into the tank. The tank was covered in algae and he filer was really struggling. There was a small shrimp, some sort of small silver fish, 2 fat algae eaters, and them some random things that started to appear halfway through the dream. Anyway, one of the algae eater crawled up out the tank, and was hanging over the side, gasping. I tried to push him back in, but he crawled back out and asked me to quit doing that. I asked him why he didnt eat more algae, and he told me he was fat already. There there was something about him asking me to write my questions on a piece of paper for him, and I was amazed he knew the english language. he says "we lungfish have been around for quite a long time, if you remember." wierd.

anyway, the dream goes on and suddenly there's a painter setting up the crews paints and supplies before the rest joined. white paint . cans. he was writing everyone's name on the top of the cans. Then there was a tank, with a bag of tiny snakes next to it. The painter said that he had brought the snakes for his boss's tank. he tiny tank in this section of the dream was more like a square bucket: dirty, much too small, and with barely an inch of water. No way!, I said and dumped the snakes out. They squirmed all around and the painter yelled at me. I felt bad, so I convinced the snakes that they needed to come back. I put them all in my mouth and spit them into the bag again.
Then I woke up with a funny taste.

Maybe thats why I accidentally brushed my teeth just now.
Im hungry....
Plan to swim, go to the A and then hook up with James to see the Matrix.

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