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Dec. 12th, 2003

Woohoo! I swam my 100 freestyle on a 1:15 yesterday morning! Not close to the olympics or national times, but Ive chopped off 5 seconds per 4 laps at "practice fast" pace. That means I could proly take it to around 1:10/ 1:09 in a race with the adrenaline and the dive, if I really attack and stick all my turns.
Huh, just 10 seconds to go to qualify for nations. It's a good thing Im not a sprinter. It's progress on an injured shoulder, so I am plenty happy.

Sick today. Very. Not flu, but snotty and tired. I keep looking at the clock, and it's ticking very slowly. Cant wait to go home and SLEEEEEEEp.