Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Good news

So, after swim practice today, I ran into Jim, the Monday coach. He said he brought up the subject "Lisa for assistant coach"..and everyone was all for the idea. So, I will now be assistant coaching for Tuesday morning practices at John Jay College. Of course, John Jay needs to receive and install the heating unit in the pool first. There is a huge issue right now because the pool has been too cold for most swimmers for almost a month. The heating unit broke down, and as a result, the water has slowly been cooling from a standard 78 degrees to a hypothermal 64. (Imagine turning your shower on in the morning, and stepping in before the water even thinks about getting luke-warm...and having to submerge yourself in it completely for 2 hours...not fun) Seriously. I cant stay in for more than 25-30 minutes before I start experiencing the onset: dizzyness, nausea, and blotchy skin. (Cant imagine it's good for my cough either) So, many of us have been braving the temps through the low 70's and upper 60s, but now, it's too just too much, and the team has cancelled practices there until the water situation is fixed.

So, yes, not only will I be assistant coaching, but there is a huge effort right now to get more women on the team. They are hoping I can help with that as well. Im into it. I just need to be sure I have time. Tuesday is fine though, and I cant wait to start.

Meanwhile, the OHS (onehour swim) is on 1/8. Im aiming for 4000-4500 years. We're using the swim as a fundraiser for an AIDS organization in the lower east side. Im also going to sign up as a Postal swimmer ("postal" refering to several long distance events). Basically, anyone who signs up for the event swims for an hour in Jan. Laps are counted, and times (called "splits") are taken every 100 yards (4 laps). You turn in you results and get ranked in your age-group with all the other swimmers in the nation who swam. Maybe I'll be in the top half.

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