Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


So, Ive been so absorbed in the one hour swim and mentally preparing for that...however there is something more imporant to write about and something I think people should know.

I went up to the ASPCA on Friday after work (pretty much the only time I really have to get up there). I adopted out a cat. But I was REALLY upset with the new policy changes. After I did the adoption, one of the customer service reps tells me :oh you dont have to check the references any more. OMG! Horrible! She told me about dog adoptions taking 15 long as they had their ID and the ap filled out and it looked ok, we could adopt out. I feel ill. I really do. Here the ASPCA is talking about how much they care for the animals, and now a crackhead can adopt a pet. It's a terrible message. THE CSR says no one in teh administration seems to care. There have been so many returns since the policy changes (duh), and she cant stand half the people now who sheis forced to create adoptions contracts for. Meanwhile, the A is just trying to show that more and more adoptions are taking place. I guess it's all that matters now.

I dunno if I can work in that environment. Apparently, some adoptions counselors have told potential adoptees that the A has certain policies on this or that, and the staff over-rides separating kittens, or adopting a kitten by itself that's under 6 months, or separating cats that have lived together . You can do that now, unless there is specifically a sign saying not to. Can you beleive it? And apparently, a lot of the new volunteers do because they dont understand why its bad.

Ok, rant rant. I just feel that my time should be spent at a shelter. closer in brooklyn, one that really cares.

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