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James is leaving for a week, so it will be me and the cats. Or, more likely, the cats since I am hardly home these days. Im a little worried about their behavior, since it gets bad when they get ignored too much. (Well, duh!)

James has an interview for a new job today before leaves. Im hoping it goes well. I called home earlier and he was online, and now he's not there at all.

Very sleepy. My yogurt exploded in my bag (luckily it was inside a plastic lunch bag), so now that I am craving it, it is not to be had. Oh well. Ill have a brownie instead.

Palpation class tonight. We are doing range of motion exercises and naming all the movements (flaexation, extension, protraction, etc). Fun stuff.

I called Jeramy over lunch. I think a few of you remember him from New Orleans. He lives 2 stops from me on the W train and he has never once tried to visit. He says he is getting his life together, which is why he called me a few weeks ago. I wish him luck. Getting you life together is a hard thing to do in NYC. He told me I am the most motivated person he knows. I dont feel motivated. I feel sleepy.


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Jan. 23rd, 2004 04:27 am (UTC)
I read your journal entries daily; have been for a long time now. I usually don't comment, but this one was particularly well done. Please forgive me for being a critic, but this was one of your better efforts at letting us all in on a day in your life.
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