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its amazing that just within this past week the number of virus emails that have suddenly clogged up my yahoo inbox & bulk mail. subjects like:
undeliverable hi
undeliverable email
system failure
Open please!
You domain is in peril
Goodmorning again
I forgot...

Strange. OF COURSE, I just delete them. I wonder why my acct has so many now. I mean, Im getting more virus emails this week than normal spam (or email for that matter)!

And BTW: Im not accepting anyone into the community unless they apply for it AND write me a personal email. I get a lot of requests and I assume they are all spammers looking to clog my board with crap.


Jan. 30th, 2004 06:24 pm (UTC)
We are all under attack by a nasty virus that came out on 1/26/04 and another varient that came out on the 28th and something new today. Someone is really tgrying hard to attack the SCO and Microsoft websites. It's good you caught these, especially when the "appear" to come from people you know (return addresses spoofed). It's been keeping me busy for days.

I'm living in Anaheim this week in the four points hotel (house is being tented).