Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

hee hee hee!
One of my bosses is out of town UNTIL NEXT FRIDAY! Woohoo! I just found this out this morning at 10:30am, when he was out the door. This is the boss who gives me the most work, so it's a VERY good thing.

I've been craving egg whites ALL DAY. What's up with that? Last night, it was cheese. LAst night, I was taking the L train to Union Square with a fellow swimmer and going on and on about how much I wanted cheese. Then I started thinking about what a stupid "conversation" this was, and asked him where he was going...

Anyway, maybe it's protein I need. But I didn't want tofu dogs last night, which is what I had anyway because it was quick. Maybe it's chloresterol. Can one actually crave that? I dunno.
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