Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

no more fritos for me

it's truly an assanine (Sp!) idea. I was out pretty late for me on a Sunday, and with 4 hours of sleep have proceeded to stumble though the day of the unknown brainwave.

This weekend was a little fucked up for me. I cant really talk about it all here. But I was very close to a meltdown twice this weekend. VERY close. I am glad I am able to take strength in myself to make correct choices and put off stupid things. Although maybe it isnt strength. Maybe I just dont know what I need to do, so Im not doing anything. Maybe.
Im glad I didnt get sick in the rain on Saturday night. I'm in awe of powerful feelings that a few words can conjure. I really appreciate my hoodie. Im glad I had a beer with my classmate last night after massage practice, even though I really needed to go to sleep. It's nice to discover that there are a few really beautiful people in NY. That's not to be idealistic, just appreciative.

Im really out of it today and sleep time is still about 10 hours away.

I feel as if something dormant inside me for so long is rekindling a little bit, and it is very frightening and unpredictable. So much randomness this weekend. Really.

Anyway, back to earth and concrete things like dead bodies. Im going to a cadaver viewing tonight. Yum. Im totally psyched.

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