Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

its such a nice day! I mean, it's raining, but it's great out! sooo warm. ok, 60;s whatver. its warm.

Im thinking of taking a quick walk around outside. we have such a long break for the teacher to grade tests. I was the first one done. I thought the test was really easy. but I am sure I made some stupid mistake. There was one answer that I did not know, but I guessed. keep yur fingers crossed.

this damn keyboard has me chanign my mis\tkaes every 5 seconds. im just going ot leave in all my typing erreors and let you read through it. bloah de boahg.
Doing better today. I know i made the right decision on thursdya. im happy i foudn teh strenght to say what i needed to. its very relieving.

i woke up with the worst charlie horrse this morning. i whacked at it and rubbed it and jostled it back into relaxation, but the muscle wsa so contracted that whne i stepped out of bed a few hours later, it was all cramped and tight. ugha. still hurts if i sit down for any length of time. i think it was my flexor hallucis longus, since i could fel it in my big ass toe. maybe a little of tibialis posterior. the whole i I was tapoting my self, i was yelling wth pain, but also trying ot figure out what muscle was cramping. im a nerd, even in pain.

ok, i think its almost walkt tim. i dont want to talk about the test. just wanna mello until 3pm.

I wonder what james is up to. he has today off. hmmm.
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