Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Two more weeks and finals will be over. I will proly be in bed hung over like nobodys business on 4/18. haha

Lots to cram into my head. The sugarfree redbull helped. Thanks Anthony.

14 more muscles to memorize today. I can do it. I think I can, said the engine.
I have a lot of other things to think about too. Unexpected yet good. I dont want to jinx anything.

In other news, Im deciding on whether to stay in this apt for another year, and pay 1150/ month or try and move out come Sept. A studio will be 900. And I have 2 cats. for 250 more, I have a bigger space. Lousy noisy neighbors, but space. Not so sure I can save up 3 grand to move by Sept either. So, Im paying off my debt like crazy and saving so I can handle the rent increase come Sept. Rrg.
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